Using a Sandblaster with Complete Safety of User

It is rightly said that, technology is a boon to society, however, if not handled properly doesn’t take long time to turn into bane. Above sentence can be best understood in context of sandblaster ( technology which is widely used to remove paint or other stains and printing images on tough surfaces. As for the technology is concerned this method of cleaning surfaces is one of the physical process in use.


Haphazard use of this technology can harm or injure the machine operator. And due to remains of harmful abrasive one can develop damage to internal body parts like lungs. Though, operators are safe if they use standard safety equipments recommended for wearing while working with this technology.


Safety Equipment Used to Remove Paint in Sandblasting Technique


There is some important and inevitable safety equipment those are recommended for all users who are working with sandblasting machine. Here is a list of equipment employed:


Process of sandblasting includes use of many abrasive that can be harmful tiny particles of zinc or lead, which can be hazardous for the operator. Therefore it is recommended that you must use proper clothing that covers your whole body while operating this machine. Secondly, to protect your eyes from the dust particles which are generated in the process, you must use a good quality goggles.


While operating with sandblaster machine, heavy amounts of sand or abrasive dust are created which you will most probably inhale. This dust is hazardous for your lungs; therefore you must consider wearing an effective breathing mask when you remove paint using this machine.


You would agree that work is important, but remaining safe during work is more important.

Different Tasks That Can be Achieved By Using Sandblasting Technology

General perception of majority of people about sandblasting technology is that it’s only used for paint removal or other such stains. However, this kind of perception is way far away from the reality that there are various other applications of this technology. Some of these techniques are used in industrial capacity while others are utilized for home purpose.

Here are few tasks that can be performed with sandblaster technology:

Removing rust – Some specific metals accumulates rust over its surface due to overexposure under open sky or due to constant contact with moisture. You can use this technology for removing rust from the metal objects. There are different types of particles used for removal of rusts, and any professional knows best about it.


Surface etching – There is another very good use of sandblaster technology that is surface etching. When you want to change your flooring and you need to make the existing surface rough as pasting of new material is not easy on smooth surfaces, these requirements of surface etching can be achieved by this technology.

Re-texturing of surface – Building materials have different variations nowadays. In any market you will find different types of textured flooring solutions. Whenever you want re-texturing of your existing surface, this technology will make your work lot easier.

Paint removal – As said earlier, generally people consider paint removal is the only work that sandblasting machine perform. It is used for various other applications, but is as effective for removing paint as for any other purpose.

These are some applications of this industrial technology that have domestic purposes as well.

Different Equipments Used for Shot Blasting and Their Uses

Shot blasting is the process of blasting a mixture of materials on the surface with a purpose of cleaning or smoothing the surface. There are different types of equipments used in this process and some of the common equipments used are:

  • Batch type blasting machines: These machines are basically used for high cleaning capacity for compact surfaces. Surfaces with internal passages are exposed to this type of blasting for getting rid of the foreign deposits.
  • Throughfeed type blasting machines: This equipment is used for the surface that requires continuous cleaning. Here, the propellants are continuously projected on the surface. Most of the machine fed blasting is considered to be thoroughbred type.
  • Hanger type blasting machines: This type of machine is mostly used by the metal industry for decorating the soft metals that are vulnerable to breakage.
  • Manipulator type blast cleaning: Most common form of sandblasting which is used for different industrial applications.

 Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning to be Carried Out Under Expert Supervision

Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting is also called as a type of blast cleaning, where you can make use of different types of propellants depending on the surface to be worked on. There are different materials that can be used as propellants, but one should be under expert’s guidance to carry on with the process. Unless, you are a professional, you should hire the experts for such works. The reason for hiring an expert is that they can achieve great cleaning results without getting messed up with the equipments.

Basic Properties of Sand Blasting You Should Know

Some basic properties of sand blasting are:

  1. Highly abrasive: Abrasion is the process of damaging the texture of a surface and the materials which are used in the process is called abrasives. Sandblasting make use of such materials that is used for abrasion.
  2. Can cause environmental problems: Most of the materials that are being used in the process are grit materials and these materials are responsible for creating environmental hazards. For example; sand when used as a propellant mixes with the air of the surrounding and can cause inhalation problems.
  3. Make use of power compressors: The process of Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting is done by projecting the propellants onto a surface. This is done using a power compressor which usually runs on high voltage.

 Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting

Nature and Service of Mobile Sandblasting Companies

If you are looking for the professional companies then you can avail their mobile sandblasting service. This service is open for household and industrial applications. Before hiring the company, you should discuss the requirements and the type of application so that they can accompany the correct set of equipments with them.

This is considered as a mobile sand blasting service because the professionals hired can walk into your location to provide you the required service. There is no short cut to the cleaning process and if you want that your machine should have a longer lifespan, then you have to take proper steps for its cleaning and no one can deliver it except the professionals. Find out the professional sandblasting companies and extract the best cleaning service from them.

Sandblasting – The Best Process You Can Opt for Paint Removal

Sandblasting is mostly associated with decorative or constructional projects. It is basically defined as the process of projecting one material onto the other. There are lots of uses of this process in both household and commercial applications. Unlike other hazardous process, it is also considered as one as such process because of the materials that is being used.

Uses, Pros and Cons of Sandblasting

There are lots of industrial applications of sandblasting and some of them are:

 Sand Blasting

  1. Removal of rust, oil, grease and other unwanted substance from the surface.
  2. It is used for glass etching which is best known for decorating the surfaces.
  3. Paint Removal, Blast Cleaning, Remove Paint can be a difficult task if you make use of manual methods, but this process can be used to remove paint for the surfaces.
  4. Edifice of concrete structures

The pros of the process are:

  • If is a quick process as it makes use of different types of instruments.
  • Easily available: You can find a lot of such professional companies dealing with this process.
  • Cheap process: The price charged by the online firms is quite affordable as compared to the service provided.
  • You can make use of different types of materials as this process is applicable for numerous requirements.

  • The cons of the sandblasting are:

  • The materials used in the process can results in various types of health hazards including internal and external problems.
  • The equipment used in sand blasting should be handled with a lot of care.

Sandblaster – A Powerful machine Used for Industrial Cleaning Applications

Sandblaster is a machine used in blasting a mixture of materials on the surface of a substance. There are lots of reasons why sand blasting is done and most of the reasons are subjected to industrial applications. However, this process is also used for household applications, but there are only a few examples for it. There are different types of industries like the small scale medium and the large scale industries and depending upon the nature of the industry, the process is employed. Small scale industries mostly consist of manual labor and hence do not opt for this process, but industries like medium and large scale have large machineries which should be endowed with regular cleaning process.

 Remove Paint

Sandblasting – A Common Process to Remove Paint

Most of the house owners employ sandblasting to remove paint and this is considered as the most familiar domestic application of sandblasting. Apart from that the other uses of this process is only concerned with the industrial applications. Most of the industries hire the professional firms either to clean their equipment or to remove the unwanted ingredients from the surface of the machineries.

The reason why one should look for the professional sandblasting firms is that this process is completely dependent on the nature of the materials used and the surface onto which it is projected. It also depends on the type of equipments used like the Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting and other accessories. If you don’t have any knowledge about the ratio of the mixture and the nature of the surface, then you should look for professional help.


Sand Blasting Process – Pros and Cons

The pros (advantages) of sand blasting process are:

• Quick removal of contaminants: This process helps in quick removal of the deposits of the contaminants on different surfaces.

• Less machinery involved: This process does not make use of complex machineries.

• Abrasive action: The materials which are used in the projection are highly abrasive and have an aggressive action on the surfaces.

• Fit for tough surfaces like concrete: The powerful action of the process can remove deposits even from tough surfaces like concrete.

 sand blasting

The Cons of Mobile Sandblasting Are:

• Not fit for smooth surfaces: Mobile sandblasting is not fit for cleaning smooth surfaces because of the abrasives used. Rather you can make use of soda blasting which employs the similar procedure, but make use of sodium bi-carbonate.

• Abrasives: The abrasives used in the process is very rough and if used regularly for a particular surface, them it will wear away the surface.

• Use of silica: In most of the countries, sand is used as abrasive in the process which is banned because of different health hazards.

• Heat generation: The process of sand blasting includes projection of particles with high velocity, so when these material hit the surface, a lot of heat is generated which can harm the surface.

• Requires precautions: A lot of precautionary steps have to be taken in order to prevent different types of hazards like you have to cover all parts of the body that is exposed to the process. Covering up of body parts will prevent the abrasives to enter into the body. Click here