Sandblaster – A Powerful machine Used for Industrial Cleaning Applications

Sandblaster is a machine used in blasting a mixture of materials on the surface of a substance. There are lots of reasons why sand blasting is done and most of the reasons are subjected to industrial applications. However, this process is also used for household applications, but there are only a few examples for it. There are different types of industries like the small scale medium and the large scale industries and depending upon the nature of the industry, the process is employed. Small scale industries mostly consist of manual labor and hence do not opt for this process, but industries like medium and large scale have large machineries which should be endowed with regular cleaning process.

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Sandblasting – A Common Process to Remove Paint

Most of the house owners employ sandblasting to remove paint and this is considered as the most familiar domestic application of sandblasting. Apart from that the other uses of this process is only concerned with the industrial applications. Most of the industries hire the professional firms either to clean their equipment or to remove the unwanted ingredients from the surface of the machineries.

The reason why one should look for the professional sandblasting firms is that this process is completely dependent on the nature of the materials used and the surface onto which it is projected. It also depends on the type of equipments used like the Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting and other accessories. If you don’t have any knowledge about the ratio of the mixture and the nature of the surface, then you should look for professional help.


Sand Blasting Process – Pros and Cons

The pros (advantages) of sand blasting process are:

• Quick removal of contaminants: This process helps in quick removal of the deposits of the contaminants on different surfaces.

• Less machinery involved: This process does not make use of complex machineries.

• Abrasive action: The materials which are used in the projection are highly abrasive and have an aggressive action on the surfaces.

• Fit for tough surfaces like concrete: The powerful action of the process can remove deposits even from tough surfaces like concrete.

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The Cons of Mobile Sandblasting Are:

• Not fit for smooth surfaces: Mobile sandblasting is not fit for cleaning smooth surfaces because of the abrasives used. Rather you can make use of soda blasting which employs the similar procedure, but make use of sodium bi-carbonate.

• Abrasives: The abrasives used in the process is very rough and if used regularly for a particular surface, them it will wear away the surface.

• Use of silica: In most of the countries, sand is used as abrasive in the process which is banned because of different health hazards.

• Heat generation: The process of sand blasting includes projection of particles with high velocity, so when these material hit the surface, a lot of heat is generated which can harm the surface.

• Requires precautions: A lot of precautionary steps have to be taken in order to prevent different types of hazards like you have to cover all parts of the body that is exposed to the process. Covering up of body parts will prevent the abrasives to enter into the body. Click here

Protective Materials That You Should Have While Employing a Sandblaster

Sandblasting is a very powerful method of cleaning surfaces of different substances. It makes use of different kinds of abrasives which are used as propellants. This process makes use of a sandblaster which consists of a blasting pot, compressor and a nozzle. The blaster is filled with the abrasive materials which are then projected through the nozzle with very high velocity. Before progressing through this process you have to take a lot of precautions like you have to cover your face with mask and eyes with goggles. Even your hand should be covered with gloves because there is a high risk of penetration of the abrasives through your naked skin.

Can a Sandblaster Remove Paint?

The name does not indicate that only and can be used to clean or etch the surface. In spite, sandblaster can be used to remove paint form any surface. This is done by choosing appropriate abrasives like glass powder. Apart from paint; rust and other debris can be removed from the surfaces of metals and concrete. It is the best equipment that every industrial sector requires. But unless you make proficient use of the device it will be responsible for a lot of hazards.

If you own any industrial or constructional firm, then you have to hire a professional cleaning service that can make a better use of the sandblaster. There are a lot of professional cleaning services which can offer you with quality service with minimum expenditure. Employing professionals can help you to achieve the desired cleaning service.

Shot Blasting Cleaning and Its Basics That You Should Know

Shot blasting cleaning process is one of the ancient processes used which uses different media for cleaning of a surface. The media used are blasted on the surface with a certain pressure to get rid of the debris. This procedure is mostly used to provide the required finish for any given surface. The media which are projected onto the surface usually remove the rusts or other materials from the surface. You can either smooth the surface or you can even roughen it by employing shot blasting.

Pressure Variation in Blast Cleaning

Blast cleaning consists of a blasting pot which comprises of a compressor. The compressor is responsible for projecting the materials onto the surface with very high pressure. But the pressure can be varied as per the projecting materials and the surfaces. For example; if you are using a metal surface for cleaning, then you can maintain a higher pressure, but if you do want to clean the surfaces made up of glass, then you have to vary the pressure. If you use the same pressure for glass as you use for metals, then you will end up in breaking the material.

Apart from varying the pressure, you require to guide the nozzle of the blasting pot. You have to have firm grip on the nozzle as the materials are projected with very high pressure. Unless you guide the material onto the surface through the nozzle, you will not achieve the required finish. The process of shot blasting is quite risky and should be done under expert’s consideration.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sandblasting

The advantages of sandblasting are:

  • Easy process: The process of Sand blasting is quite easy. You do require to a hire a professional since you don’t know the precautions to be taken.
  • Less machinery: This process just requires a compressor, a blasting pot and a nozzle. You can select the desired mixture as per the instruments used for cleaning.
  • Wide applications: There are lots of applications of sand blasting in every area. Whatever be the type of industry you own, you require the help of this process to get rid of the unwanted deposits.
  • Perfect cleaning: This process can be used for every material for the purpose of cleaning. Sand blasting can even be used for delicate materials, but you have to have proper knowledge of the type of materials to be used in the blast pot.

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Is Sandblasting Accurate for Paint Removal?

Apart from cleaning, sandblasting can be used for paint removal. If you do want to repaint your structure, then you have to get rid of the old paint and it can be done through the process of sandblasting.

Disadvantages of sandblasting are:

  • Air-borne diseases: Because of the use of sand, the process is responsible for causing lung diseases like silicosis.
  • Ventilation: The process of sand blasting should be done in a ventilated area to prevent chocking.
  • Harm to naked skin: This process should not be performed in naked skin as the particles like tiny steel balls, glass powder etc. which are projected with high velocity can penetrate into your naked skin.

Why Should You Choose Shot Blasting for Renovation Purposes?

Shot blasting is not a very uncommon term whereas many people don’t even know about them. A limited section of people in the society are compliant with the implications of this process and thus can make apt use of it. The implementation of this technique can aid in treating almost any surface which is shrouded with contaminants or waste products. The noteworthy fact here is the retention of the indigenous beauty of the brick after the blasting procedure. There are practically no other methods which can be at par with sandblasting in removal of impurities from a particular surface or smoothening up the service.

How Can Blast Cleaning Aid in Successful Renovation?

Shot blastingSandblasting stands a clear winner when it comes to removing paint, soot deposits, graffiti designs and stains incurred due to fire. Apart from serving the above purposes, this revolutionary method has been proved effective in other applications such as detritus and grime expulsion from the surface of bricks. Additional machinery is also available to make your work more convenient and effectual. Mobile sandblasting tools are among such accessories which can facilitate easy removal of waste materials from the surface of any substrate. Mobile sandblasting equipment is the next generation alternative for polishing steelwork, masonry, stonework and brickwork too. The efficacy of blast cleaning is greatly useful for obtaining satisfactory results which act well in reviving the indigenous luster of many surface variants.

Shot blasting requires extreme precautions while carrying out the procedure. Gas masks or similar equipment is necessary to prevent the ingestion of any hazardous solid impurities into lungs.

How Is Sand Blasting Contributing to Property Renovation?

Has mankind ever wondered how the miracles of technology help it? Sand blasting is one such miracle which has made renovation works look easier and affable. As we know, there are millions of new homes being constructed everywhere around the world and on the other side there are many homes which need a bit of refurbishing. The exterior of a building is exposed to the incessant ravages of nature and climate. The changes in climate can substantially deteriorate the appearance of the exterior and the proof of this statement can be clearly observed from the years old houses which have turned pale and void of sheen.

How Is Mobile Sandblasting Distinct?

sand blastingMobile sandblasting is undoubtedly a very interesting and competent method which is also a constituent of the sand blaster process. Grit-blasting as it is otherwise known, is usually implemented for cleaning out surfaces with a streamlined shot or spray of abrasive material. The abrasive material depends upon the substrate which is to be processed. Glass beads, copper slag, aluminum oxide and a lot more variants of abrasives can be used in the sandblaster equipment according to the requirement. Plastic abrasives have the prerogative to remove paint with maximum convenience without any harm to the inner surface.

Go for an apt choice of sand blasting equipment and procedure to ensure viable renovation. It is no wonder that every entity exposed to the outer environment and the natural resources tend to deteriorate gradually in terms of appearance as well as health. You wouldn’t know when your ancestral home of 100 years or so would succumb to the ravages of Mother Nature.