Complete Process of Sandblasting Equipments for Surface Cleaning

When we purchase, built or establish something, added responsibility of its maintenance falls on our shoulders. Various external and internal forces pose threat to these properties regularly. There are many maintenance products which help us in upkeep of properties. Sandblasting is an effective cleaning solution for various types of surfaces. This process can be a time taking one, depending upon your requirement. Many industries use this technique for a range of maintenance activities. It is required for maintenance of floor, inventories and other places which is at risk of having damages.

When you deal with a sandblaster machine, you need to know the complete process of operating this machine. Knowing the process will help you to do these processes in a very effective way. You should also know about the various safety tools that are available with this machine.

How a Sandblaster Machine Works Properly for Surface Cleaning?

This whole procedure is done in a step-by-step process. One process leads to another and whole process is accomplished. A sandblasting machine can be used on various types of surfaces and objects. Here is the process:

Cleaning of surface – When you want to do blasting on any surface, first clean the surface normally with a cloth or broom.

Assemble your machine – You need to assemble your sandblaster machine every time you need to work with it. There are few components of this machine, which are compressor, nozzle, blasting pot etc.

Performing blasting – Once your machine is ready, you can start blasting action on the surface that you want to clean. Make sure you have chosen correct granules according to hardness of the surface.

These are the processes which are required to be done each time this procedure is performed.

Different Types of Shot Blasting to Consider

Sometimes it becomes necessary for cleaning some of the material and carved rocks to maintain them in good condition or to make them dust free. Various cleaning procedures are there and the most appropriate and effective cleaning process is the Sandblaster. Because of the no chance of damaging the surface that is going to clean with it, this cleaning method is most appreciated by the people in all over the world. Basically there are two types of shot blasting process. They are Grid blasting and Abrasive blasting. This cleaning process is basically used on surface cleaning, coating of the surface, decoration and soothing textures. Because of the introduction of very small cleaning particles like small shell of silica and sand dust to the cleaning surface, there is no harm for the crafted materials or the carved surfaces.


Effective Blast Cleaning with the Help of Professionally Trained People

Blast cleaning is done to clean the surface of dirt, rust and paint by forcing solid particles on to the surface with a great force by the help of a compressor and jet nozzle. This is also one of the effective cleaning procedures. But this task is not simple as it sounds for a common and untrained person. Lots of precautions have to take before the task. So it is better to complete the job with the help of professional and trained persons. They know the exact procedure to complete the task that to in safe manner. There are lots of firms that are providing shot blasting service these days and the Internet will help you find the best one for your task.

Short Description of the Sand Blasting Process

Cleaning is the best policy to keep any object for a long time and this will also increase the lifespan of the same. There are lots of cleaning surface and the procedure also differs according to the size, material and quantity of the dust deposition on to the object. Among the various cleaning procedure, sand blasting is the most successful and effective cleaning process. This process includes the cleaning of furniture, concrete structure, and carves surfaces. The process includes the cleaning procedure by compressed air, water, ice and other chemicals. In this procedure, the cleaning gent comes out from a nozzle with a great force and it strike out the stacked objects. Because of the application of liquid and washing chemical, there is always less chance or you can say no chance of getting damage of the cleaning surface.

Mobile Sandblasting Is Safe to Conduct on Painted Surfaces

In congested place, it becomes difficult to perform the cleaning task. In such instances mobile sandblasting will be beneficial to use. It is a movable cleaning machine and it can be used in any place to conduct the cleaning procedure. These are portable type of cleaning machine and it is greatly used for cleaning graffiti, painting and written world. The projection of small particles of sand on to the cleaning surface will protect the precious written material from getting damage. For such services you can contact any sand blasting service provider in your area or else you can also find them on the Internet, which will be easy for you.

Using a Sandblaster with Complete Safety of User

It is rightly said that, technology is a boon to society, however, if not handled properly doesn’t take long time to turn into bane. Above sentence can be best understood in context of sandblaster ( technology which is widely used to remove paint or other stains and printing images on tough surfaces. As for the technology is concerned this method of cleaning surfaces is one of the physical process in use.


Haphazard use of this technology can harm or injure the machine operator. And due to remains of harmful abrasive one can develop damage to internal body parts like lungs. Though, operators are safe if they use standard safety equipments recommended for wearing while working with this technology.


Safety Equipment Used to Remove Paint in Sandblasting Technique


There is some important and inevitable safety equipment those are recommended for all users who are working with sandblasting machine. Here is a list of equipment employed:


Process of sandblasting includes use of many abrasive that can be harmful tiny particles of zinc or lead, which can be hazardous for the operator. Therefore it is recommended that you must use proper clothing that covers your whole body while operating this machine. Secondly, to protect your eyes from the dust particles which are generated in the process, you must use a good quality goggles.


While operating with sandblaster machine, heavy amounts of sand or abrasive dust are created which you will most probably inhale. This dust is hazardous for your lungs; therefore you must consider wearing an effective breathing mask when you remove paint using this machine.


You would agree that work is important, but remaining safe during work is more important.

Different Tasks That Can be Achieved By Using Sandblasting Technology

General perception of majority of people about sandblasting technology is that it’s only used for paint removal or other such stains. However, this kind of perception is way far away from the reality that there are various other applications of this technology. Some of these techniques are used in industrial capacity while others are utilized for home purpose.

Here are few tasks that can be performed with sandblaster technology:

Removing rust – Some specific metals accumulates rust over its surface due to overexposure under open sky or due to constant contact with moisture. You can use this technology for removing rust from the metal objects. There are different types of particles used for removal of rusts, and any professional knows best about it.


Surface etching – There is another very good use of sandblaster technology that is surface etching. When you want to change your flooring and you need to make the existing surface rough as pasting of new material is not easy on smooth surfaces, these requirements of surface etching can be achieved by this technology.

Re-texturing of surface – Building materials have different variations nowadays. In any market you will find different types of textured flooring solutions. Whenever you want re-texturing of your existing surface, this technology will make your work lot easier.

Paint removal – As said earlier, generally people consider paint removal is the only work that sandblasting machine perform. It is used for various other applications, but is as effective for removing paint as for any other purpose.

These are some applications of this industrial technology that have domestic purposes as well.

Different Equipments Used for Shot Blasting and Their Uses

Shot blasting is the process of blasting a mixture of materials on the surface with a purpose of cleaning or smoothing the surface. There are different types of equipments used in this process and some of the common equipments used are:

  • Batch type blasting machines: These machines are basically used for high cleaning capacity for compact surfaces. Surfaces with internal passages are exposed to this type of blasting for getting rid of the foreign deposits.
  • Throughfeed type blasting machines: This equipment is used for the surface that requires continuous cleaning. Here, the propellants are continuously projected on the surface. Most of the machine fed blasting is considered to be thoroughbred type.
  • Hanger type blasting machines: This type of machine is mostly used by the metal industry for decorating the soft metals that are vulnerable to breakage.
  • Manipulator type blast cleaning: Most common form of sandblasting which is used for different industrial applications.

 Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning to be Carried Out Under Expert Supervision

Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting is also called as a type of blast cleaning, where you can make use of different types of propellants depending on the surface to be worked on. There are different materials that can be used as propellants, but one should be under expert’s guidance to carry on with the process. Unless, you are a professional, you should hire the experts for such works. The reason for hiring an expert is that they can achieve great cleaning results without getting messed up with the equipments.

Basic Properties of Sand Blasting You Should Know

Some basic properties of sand blasting are:

  1. Highly abrasive: Abrasion is the process of damaging the texture of a surface and the materials which are used in the process is called abrasives. Sandblasting make use of such materials that is used for abrasion.
  2. Can cause environmental problems: Most of the materials that are being used in the process are grit materials and these materials are responsible for creating environmental hazards. For example; sand when used as a propellant mixes with the air of the surrounding and can cause inhalation problems.
  3. Make use of power compressors: The process of Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting is done by projecting the propellants onto a surface. This is done using a power compressor which usually runs on high voltage.

 Sand Blasting, Sandblaster, Shot Blasting, Mobile Sandblasting

Nature and Service of Mobile Sandblasting Companies

If you are looking for the professional companies then you can avail their mobile sandblasting service. This service is open for household and industrial applications. Before hiring the company, you should discuss the requirements and the type of application so that they can accompany the correct set of equipments with them.

This is considered as a mobile sand blasting service because the professionals hired can walk into your location to provide you the required service. There is no short cut to the cleaning process and if you want that your machine should have a longer lifespan, then you have to take proper steps for its cleaning and no one can deliver it except the professionals. Find out the professional sandblasting companies and extract the best cleaning service from them.